Saturday, 15 February 2014

Roar and Stuff

OK, so from now on you are all in my mind and are here to read what I actually think about and the first topic on hand....

Who here thinks that watching movies in the cinema is absolutely fantastical???? Yes, Yes... I do!!!. The feeling of having yummy fluffy clouds of popcorn in a large box that is all for you? Wow!! You own that. Recently I just went to go to my favorite movie house at Ster Kinekor Nouveau, where, according to my boyfriend, I know every one. It just seems to be the case as I go to a lot of movies. Its like the best thing in the world!!! Other than dinosaurs and popcorn.....

Imagine seeing the T-Rex trying to grab popcorn with its teeny tiny little hands. No matter how useless and silly they have been told they are. But then all I can see is the T-Rex hurtling its nose and mouth into the popcorn bowl and chowing those clouds as if they are some very small animals... That do not exist today, or maybe they do, we just dont know what... hehehe.

Anyway....  So I went to go and see a movie called Her that I really wanted to see when I caught  a glimpse of the trailer. Yet as soon as I sit in the empty movie house (that happens a lot) and the movie starts, it gets as awkward when a bunny is becoming a serial killer.. Especially when I took my mother to see this movie.... Dearest fuzzballs, the only thing that I thought would make things less weird was to wave my hands on the side of my body and scream like a pterodactyl... Or, maybe not.

The concept of the movie Her,was pretty darn interesting, what with the idea of the advent of technology in today's day and age as well as the relationships we have with our computers and cell phones. Let's face it, none of you can spend one day away from your computer or smart phone. If you look at the movie from that way, the whole story makes sense, but just as long as you don't think about anything else you see or to put in the best words, 'hear'.

This movie is set in the near future where all men wear weird pants and operating systems' belong in your ear.

I do not want to give too much away, just because I am a nice person and I want to let you relive the awkwardness that I went through.
... Enjoy!!

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Video: Her - Official Trailer

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