Friday, 14 March 2014

Lock, stock and huge hissy fits (Q1.2)

My fellow readers, I apologize for the late arrival on my part for not becoming a regular poster. The daily knag of chores, college and so many other little things have caught my attention. It seems to be that I could not find the time to come on over and grace you with my online presence.
Do you know what seems to be the norm these days? Stealing... Now I am not talking about random thefts, but of an online experience.

Today in college, in my lecture of Digital Citizenship, which I always have on a Friday, I have learned all about Wiki's. It is strange. I am so used to this type of platform that when it came to working on the Wiki platform known as PBWorks (Capture knowledge, share files, and manage projects within a secure, reliable environment.) , I thought; "What in the poop of the dragon is this???". But once explained by my very informative lecturer, I thought it was quite interesting. Each of us in the class were given an assigned task to complete on the Wiki platform that my lecturer had created. Now I am sure that most of you love-erly people are more in the loop than I am on this, but if not, then let me give a slight explanation...

PBWorks, is a platform where you can create a page that you can then link to Wikipedia. This is just the site to where you work on the information to be sent over.

However, this can range over to another discussion; The Differences between a Wiki and a Blog...
  • A wiki is a platform intended for group communication, which also has multiple authors and is edited by a group or a team.

  • A blog on the other hand is usually written by one author who writes the posts. this in turn allows for one-to-many communication. Since this is the case, it is evident to show that comments can be enabled to for the readers to comment on the post.

Although, Wiki's and Blog's both can have many contributors. the best parts are that they are easy to edit by the use of free software and the use of your beloved web browser. Ultimately... they can be viewed by anyone all over the world.

To move on, I was given a username and password for this page, in fact every one else was also given one. This allowed all of us to access the same page. However, it did not mean that we could all work on the same page at the same time... This is where I thought a high five on the face with a chair would be very handy. Say you were working on the page, but I also wanted to work on it to. I could quite easily steal your work time from you just by stealing the lock. This means that I am locking you out and what ever you are doing can no longer be done. It is the worst thing to ever do to some one. Gosh, grr!! What seemed to make things worse, was when ever I was working on it, one specific user would always steal my lock. That meant that all my work that I had done was gone! I hated it, because I would always have to start all over again.

So please, please, if you ever start a page that you working on with a few other people on PBWorks, be kind and don't steal!!!