Friday, 21 February 2014

My mark on the WaWaWa (extension of Q1.1)

Do you know what I like to do every now and again? Google myself... and when I do, I get around one million hits. Insane in the membrane!!! Its not all about me, as that would be a tad on the worry side, but as long as either my name or surname pops up, it will give a result.

Your digital footprint gets as big as you make it. If you have a Twitter account,  Facebook account, Tumblr, Pinterest, bladiblabla.... the list goes on; your information from those accounts will be seen on Google and other search engins. Its fun to say to your friends: " Remember when we got totally crazy and tipped a cow?" that's cool to say, just not a good idea to be posting that on the interwebs. Every one will know and the SPCA will be on your doorstep. Do not think that me saying that statement means that I have done something like that, because trust me, I haven't and I never will.

I have left myself a few marks on the interwebs such as Facebook and Twitter and even LinkdIn. I like that! Jap jap! It tends to make you wonder how far you will go and see what is out there and find the results that belong to your very identity.

And so in the words of Teyana Taylor or most probably her lyricist..... 'Google Me Baby!'


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