Thursday, 15 May 2014

The internet in Southern Africa, Durban (Q1.4)

So, in Durban, where I live there are so many blog sites to find that the mind boggles. Although, to put this lightly, I am just going to give you some of the most popular blogs to find.

Umhlanga Life, an online lifestyle magazine, to which I am an intern for, is a blog that is very interesting. It has many different types of posts that are entertaining and of a place that features snippets of what is going on in the area. Movie reviews, competition covers and more are to offer. But the one thing that I seem to like is the fact that it will also show you other bloggers to follow and to check out. It is worth your while, especially if you are a citizen of this area because those blogs will be informative for the citizens. Although, it is not limited to them. Who ever is out there, if you happen to find these blogs, you will be happy because if you decide to come down and visit the sunny side of Durban, these blogs will help you.

Popular blogs from Umhlanga Life Including Umhlanga Life itself:

Umhlanga Life - events, Durban, life and more.

Aske Ashe - blogs about events, food, fashion, Durban.

Daniel Dinnie - blogs about books and writing and life.

Nadia Van der Mescht - blogs about fashion and more.

Kirsty Bisset - blogs about Fashion, Celebs, Sharks.


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