Thursday, 22 May 2014

Hashtags, cool glasses and a whole lot more trends (Q1.5)

Remember back when Facebook started and that was the main thing going for us at that point? Then Twitter came along with their hastags and from what I tend to only remember being the only trend then were those darn hashtags. Yes, sure, hastags still go on today, but I just want to make one thing clear: hash tags are not used for every little measly word. 'The' is not a word that needs a hashtag. I saw this image the other day and I found it so true:

I really should learn to stop rambling. Anyway, the topic of choice today is all about the social media trends of the lovely year of 2014 and hashtags is just one of them.

Google has been around us forever since 1998 and since then it has evolved into its own being. Before, we had our normal Gmail accounts and now we don't just have that, but the whole of Google as well! What makes it even cooler is that it is integrated with Youtube and so many more products. Thus, Google+ is born.
Guess what tends to put Google into my good books? the amazing, wondrous invention known as the Google Glass. If I could afford it, it would be the first high tech gadgety thing I would buy. When I heard about Google Glass, I thought that the idea was fantastic. Eye wear that works like a computer attached to your face. Apparently it is just like a smartphone with the same features, but it is hands free.

Sharing your location with everyone is cool right? We would go onto Facebook and check in to which location we were at, or visited. Today, we have a new application trend known as Swarm. It is basically the same thing as what Facebook has, but you don't have to check in! Super nifty. To be honest, I don't think I have ever used the location application on Facebook, if I have, it was probably once or twice. However, I do not find myself using Swarm either. It seems to just be something fun to show where you go and all that jazz. Oooh, but the one trend that I find really cool and will be checking out really soon is; Social Listening.

There are quite a few platforms for Social Listening such as HowSociable, Klout, Topsy, Sysomos and IceRocket. Usually companies, individuals or organisations use this tool to know what is being said about their product or brand. Although, not only does it help the company and what not, but it also helps the customer to find and gather more insight on content or ideas as well as other social media listening platforms. On a larger scale from a community point of view, it will help a company to identify where communities are, either if they are online or offline as well as to know who the company is competing against.  

Phew! One seriously needs to know what is going on these days hey? It seems that technology is growing at the speed of a blink. Every year there seems to be something new on the block.

I do hope that this was as engaging for you as it was for myself. Just researching and finding out what is there before my very nose is mind boggling.

See you all out there on the interwebs!

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